Product Development and Design

The R&D center formulates medium and long-term technology development strategies according to the company's development strategy, and decomposes practical and effective technology development plans, formulates and implements annual product research and development plans, and ensures that the developed products meet the company's overall development strategy and market demand; responsible for the company's major technology projects. Research, technical research and technical decision-making; maintain the company's technological leadership by continuously building a technical research team and improving the level of technical research.

No design, no mold

Rigorous scheme design, 96% of molds can be mass-produced in one trial

Analysis Through the analysis of material properties and product feasibility, such as wall thickness, deformation, glue feeding position, etc., pre-judgment of potential problems in advance

Communication Maintain close communication with customers, and understand the functional requirements and precautions of products from the perspective of customers, such as requirements for bonding lines, requirements for appearance, etc.

Strict design review system and checklist check. Before design, during the design of the proposal structure discussion meeting, the designer conducts self-check according to the checklist; after design, review together with the manufacturing department

Pay attention to details and control

Quality inspection of each link, early detection of mass production problems

From material, processing, final molding, quality inspection of each link, to find problems in advance

Each project has a complete set of quality inspection reports for easy traceability, appearance requirements, etc.

Each steel material is imported from Germany and the United States, and the original factory certificate can be provided

Mould Manufacturing

Advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, manufacturing perfect high-quality molds!

Control cycle, early delivery Provide

weekly progress report, let customers know the status at all times

Each project is equipped with a project manager, who strictly follows the schedule to control the project cycle

Provide weekly progress reports and mold photos for each project to keep customers informed of the status

Provide online trial video to let customers understand the operation of the mold

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