Industry Cases
  • Automotive Injection Mold Making

    Our design team designs automotive parts based on clients’ specifications and requirements. Upon completion, we evaluate and test every product design proposal. The analysis process is carried out by design and engineering experts in consultation with the client, which ensures that we deliver precise and high-performing parts. Using high-precision software to design molds with accurate core and cavity dimensions, we also consider requirements such as insert and double molding that are commonly used in the automotive motive industry. If our client intends to use such methods, we will tailor the mold design for them. We make molds for automotive parts using durable high-grade steel. Our engineers further ensure that the core, cavity, and gate systems are properly structured to facilitate even distribution of resin. The mold structure is then tested for efficiency and to confirm that it has no structural flaws. Using engineering-grade resins when injection molding automotive parts, we’re able to deliver high-performing structures like ABS plastic parts that are resistant to wear. We also achieve the surface finishes requested by clients. All procedures are performed and tested under the supervision of production experts.

  • 2K injection mold making

    2K injection mold, is also called two-color injection mould, this technology is to inject two plastic materials on the same injection molding machine with two time injection molding, but the product is ejected in one time. It is usually completed by a set of molds and requires a special two-color injection molding machine. Two shot injection mold: a real two-color mold, after the product is filled with one material, the injection mold will rotate 180 degrees and then turn to another plastic material, that is, the same injection mold cavity, different mold core. It is high efficiency, low cost if the plastic parts volume is large. If there is a high requirement for plastic parts production capacity, please choose two shot injection mold. JHS Mould has rich experience in two shot injection mold as well as over-mould. If you have two shot injection mold plastic parts demands, please contact us, our senior engineer, designers will analysis your products and give professional suggestion to you.

  • Home appliance products

    Home appliance mould is also known as household appliance mould which is used to produce plastic parts and components for the household electric appliance. The household appliance moulds generally include interior plastic parts mold and the exterior plastic housing or case. For interior parts, dimensional accuracy is the most important, and there is usually no special requirement for appearance, as long as it does not affect the assembly of the products. For exterior plastic housing or cases, the appearance and size are both important, but the exception is that some housing or cases will go to secondary processing, such as painting, plating etc., so that the injection-moulded exterior housing usually is not required to be high polish, only in some specific areas that affect the subsequent process are high polished. How to ensure the accuracy of the plastic parts? First of all, to ensure the accuracy of the mould steel dimension. In HanKing, all the dimensions in the molds are within tolerance measured by CMM Zaiss before the moulds are delivered to our customers. We have good designers with more than 15 years of experience, providing good solutions and professional technical support. When we are designing a house appliance plastic injection mold, we should choose the mould steel by combining the total life cycles and the plastic resin of the part. Make inserts as much as possible for important dimensions or special structure area and some fragile ribs, because the inserts can be replaced and convenient maintenance after a long period of production. And machining by grinder as much as possible, in terms of accuracy, the grinding machine has its' advantage. Every kind of machine has different advantages, toolmakers should understand the advantages of these devices and make the best use of them to help to make good quality moulds. Another point, keep some clearance for the mould steel is also very critical to get correct dimension parts. Of course, it is far more than these points to make good quality moulds, please contact us and tell us your needs, we look forward to providing our professional support for your project.

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