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Automotive Dashboard Series mould Accent carrier FS LL mold

JHS is a professional auto interior parts mold manufacturer, and has rich experience in auto interior parts mold manufacturing. It customizes fine mold structures for customers to meet customer module needs.

JHS adopts the internal fractal structure design in the mold of automobile interior parts. Compared with the traditional external fractal structure design, the internal fractal design has higher requirements on the strength of the mold. Correspondingly, the mold design concept of automobile interior parts manufactured by inner fractal structure is more advanced.

  • Product Origin:

    Xiamen, China
  • Lead Time:

    Short mold development cycle
Product Details

Automotive Dashboard Series mould Accent carrier FS LL mold

Automotive interior stamping dies are mainly used in the production of large quantities of parts. Therefore, the stamping die has become an indispensable equipment in the stamping production process, and it is a technology-intensive product.

The design and manufacture of molds are directly related to the quality of stamping parts, the production efficiency of stamping parts and the production cost of stamping parts. In other words, the level of mold design and manufacturing technology is also regarded as a very important measure, which is to measure the level of product manufacturing in this country, so it has a great impact on product quality, Profitability as well as the ability to develop and develop new products play a decisive role.

If there is a problem with the mold in the process of stamping production, it will directly affect the production efficiency and production cost of the product. Therefore, the design of stamping dies is very important, and whether the design is good or not directly affects production, costs, and even benefits.

In order to ensure that the mold steel has excellent original precision—the original mold steel quality, in the manufacturing process, we must first reasonably select high-precision processing methods, such as EDM, wire cutting, CNC machining, etc., and pay attention to the accuracy of the mold steel. , including the machining accuracy of the die steel parts, the equipment accuracy and the accuracy of the die steel after the test and inspection work. When checking, it is necessary to use high-precision measuring instruments as much as possible. For those die steel parts with complex surface surface structures, if Accurate measurement data cannot be obtained with ordinary rulers and vernier cards. At this time, precision measurement equipment such as a three-coordinate measuring instrument should be used to ensure the accuracy of measurement data.

JHS is the leading mould manufacturer in China! If you need more information about automotive dashboard mould, please feel free to contact us!

Name car parts mould
Mold size


Mould material 45#,50#,1.2312 ,1.2343 ESR,1.2738 HH , S136 ,NAK80 , SKD61 etc.
Mould base LKM, HASCO ect.
Cavity Single/multi
Runner Hot/cold
Design software UG, PROE, CAD, CAXA ect.
Mould life 300,000-3,000,000 shots
Delivery time 15-60days
Specification Depends on customer's requirments
Shaping Mode Plastic Injection Mould
Molding life 500,000-5,000,000shots
Delivery time Short mold development cycle
Packing Standard exporting wooden case

1) Receive customer's inquiry

2) We will quote guests within 24 hours

3) Confirm the order (price, payment terms, delivery date)

4) Product analysis (DFM)

5) After DFM confirmation by customer

6) Confirmation of mold design

7) Purchase steels and start machining processing

8) Inspection process

9) Mold core inspection is OK, start assembly

10) Tool tryout and deliver the samples to customer

11)  Get feedback of samples from customer.

12) If there is a problem with the sample, repair the mold

13) After repaired , tryout and deliver samples to customer for confirmation again

14) After the sample is confirmed that there is no problem, the mold is arranged to be shipped

Please send 3D/2D drawing or samples to us if you have any needs, we will quote for free with a sound price.

Automotive Accent carrier mould

Injection Plastic Car Auto Dashboard Mould

Auto Dashboard Mold
Precise Car Dashboard Moulding

JHS mold business includes plastic mold and stamping mold, is a professional mold manufacturer, especially in the automotive field. Provide mold development services for many famous automobile brands at home and abroad. With advanced design concepts and mold design and manufacturing experience.

Plastic molds include front and rear bumpers, upper and lower instruments, front and rear headlights, door anti-scratch strips, and interior and exterior trim parts of the body; stamping parts include body interior panels such as front and rear panels, door inner panels, longitudinal beams, and various reinforcing plates.

We provide mold design, precision plastic mold making, custom best quality plastic injection molding.

JHS Mould Certificate

CNC Machining Workshop

EDM Workshop

Quality Inspection Department

Wire Cutting Workshop

Injection Workshop

Assembly Workshop

Q: Do you make molds for many auto parts?

A: Yes, we make molds for many auto parts, such as bumpers, reversing radar parts, car control panels, rearview mirror brackets, etc.

Q: Do you have injection molding machines to produce parts?

A: Yes, we have our own injection workshop, so we can produce and assemble according to customer requirements.

Question: What kind of mold do you make?

A: We mainly manufacture injection molds, but we can also manufacture compression molds (for UF or SMC materials) and die casting molds.

Q: How long does it take to make a mold?

A: Depending on the product size and the complexity of the parts, it is slightly different. Generally speaking, a medium-sized mold can complete T1 within 25-30 days.

Q: Can we know the mold schedule without visiting your factory?

A: According to the contract, we will send you the mold production plan. During the production process, we will update you with weekly reports and related pictures. Therefore, you can clearly understand the mold schedule.

Q: How do you guarantee the quality?

A: We will appoint a project manager to track your molds, and he will be responsible for each process. In addition, we have QC for each process, and we will also have a CMM and online inspection system to ensure that all components are within tolerance.

Q: Do you support OEM?

A: Yes, we can produce through technical drawings or samples.

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!