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Mould Industry - Moulds and Types You Should Know

Mould Industry - Moulds and Types You Should Know

February 18 , 2022
The mold industry is a huge industry. So, now let's talk about the different types of molds such as plastic molding, used injection molds, injection molding machines, extrusion molding, rotational molding, automotive molding, and OEM molding.

Plastic Mould: If you are involved in manufacturing plastic products, blow molding machines will be a major part of your business. Blow molding machines turn plastic into molds to make lightweight, strong products.

Injection Moulding: Injection molding is a method of manufacturing and thus facilitates the manufacture of parts using thermoplastic and thermoset plastic materials. The molten plastic is converted into a mold, which is the opposite of the product's structure.

Injection Moulding Machines: Injection molding machine is also known as a press. These machines hold the molds in which the components are created.

Extrusion Moulding: Extrusion is the process of making hoses, straws, pipes, curtain rails, rods and fibers. The long tubular shape is formed by extrusion molding.

Rotational Moulding: Rotomolding is a cost-effective method of producing hollow plastic products. With this method, very little waste is generated and the cost is low compared to blow molding and injection molding.

Automotive Moulding: Car moulds are used to decorate and protect the body of a car. For example, door molding, footrest molding, etc. Both details and materials fall under the term automotive molding.

OEM Moulding: OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. When you want to get a specific product, you can provide your own specifications

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