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Some Points About Designing High-Quality Molded Parts

Some Points About Designing High-Quality Molded Parts

March 29 , 2022

The first thing to be sure is that even if you know the correct injection molding method, you should maintain a close and good relationship with your injection molding industry manufacturer. Each manufacturer has different tooling preferences or techniques for forming parts and, as a result, can have a significant impact on part design. There are several considerations for designing high-quality molded parts:

1. Material selection Some high-performance resins may not be suitable for molding machines due to viscosity, high glass content, or crystallinity, etc., and resins may be selected for specific physical or chemical resistance, but may be difficult to mold or maintain a specific Tolerances. Molders should be consistent with the specified resin and overall part requirements as they need to actually mold the part.

2. Critical tolerance

While designers should always provide the widest possible tolerances, many times tight tolerances must be maintained to ensure fit, function or appearance. One of the biggest challenges for any designer designing an injection molded part is providing enough clearance for tolerance variations in the design. Tolerances depend on several variables, including materials, process controls, and tool design. The acceptable tolerance range in a design varies by mold maker.

3. Sink marks

Experienced designers are always faced with the challenge of avoiding sink marks in injection molded parts. While the recommended maximum wall thickness at the bottom of a rib or boss should be less than 60% of the vertical face wall, some formers prefer 50% or less. It is important to note that this is a guideline and does not guarantee that this part will be accepted by the QC department.

There are thousands of designers who design injection molded parts, but there is an elite group in this huge community that can actually design injection molding machines for parts. An injection molded product design goes through many stages of development before it is finally recorded and released to a molder for production.We also have a special department responsible for product development and design to ensure that some of our own products can meet the company's development strategy and market needs. In addition, we also have mature technology and rich experience in automobile mold manufacturing. We are also a comprehensive Chinese home appliance mould manufacturer and supplier, you can fully trust us.

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