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2K injection mold making

Dec 29, 2021

2K injection mold, is also called two-color injection mould, this technology is to inject two plastic materials on the same injection molding machine with two time injection molding, but the product is ejected in one time. It is usually completed by a set of molds and requires a special two-color injection molding machine.

Two shot injection mold: a real two-color mold, after the product is filled with one material, the injection mold will rotate 180 degrees and then turn to another plastic material, that is, the same injection mold cavity, different mold core. It is high efficiency, low cost if the plastic parts volume is large. If there is a high requirement for plastic parts production capacity, please choose two shot injection mold. JHS Mould has rich experience in two shot injection mold as well as over-mould. If you have two shot injection mold plastic parts demands, please contact us, our senior engineer, designers will analysis your products and give professional suggestion to you.

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