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Automotive Injection Mold Making

Dec 29, 2021

Our design team designs automotive parts based on clients’ specifications and requirements. Upon completion, we evaluate and test every product design proposal. The analysis process is carried out by design and engineering experts in consultation with the client, which ensures that we deliver precise and high-performing parts.

Using high-precision software to design molds with accurate core and cavity dimensions, we also consider requirements such as insert and double molding that are commonly used in the automotive motive industry. If our client intends to use such methods, we will tailor the mold design for them.

We make molds for automotive parts using durable high-grade steel. Our engineers further ensure that the core, cavity, and gate systems are properly structured to facilitate even distribution of resin. The mold structure is then tested for efficiency and to confirm that it has no structural flaws.

Using engineering-grade resins when injection molding automotive parts, we’re able to deliver high-performing structures like ABS plastic parts that are resistant to wear. We also achieve the surface finishes requested by clients. All procedures are performed and tested under the supervision of production experts.

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