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What is automotive mould making, and how do automotive mould manufacturers make moulds?

What is automotive mould making, and how do automotive mould manufacturers make moulds?

October 12 , 2022

Many people are driving cars now, but do you know how to make automotive mould? If the quality of the car is to be good, then the quality of the automotive mould must be guaranteed, so how to make the automotive mould? Today's article will focus on explaining and introducing automobile mold manufacturing.

First of all, let everyone popularize what is automobile mold manufacturing. Generally speaking, it can only be a general term for the molds for punching all stamping parts on the automobile body. For example, the top cover flanging mold, the beam reinforcement plate pressing mold, etc. can be called the type of automobile mold manufacturing. There are many different classifications of automotive abrasive manufacturing, so everyone also needs to choose and apply them according to the actual situation. Let's take a look at some common knowledge of automobile mold manufacturing.

The stamping dies for automobile mold manufacturing can be classified according to the nature of the process. Then the first is the punching die. It mainly includes blanking die, punching die, cutting die and so on. The second is the bending die. As the name suggests, its function is to deform some production materials along a straight line to form a new angled mold. Generally, there are many shapes of such abrasive tools, and you can choose the appropriate shape according to the actual situation. The next step is the drawing die, forming die and so on.

In addition to the above classification methods, molds can also be classified according to the processing method of the product. Then under this classification, five categories are formed: punching and shearing dies, bending dies, drawing dies, forming dies and compression dies. The so-called punching and shearing dies need to carry out the shearing process, such as shearing dies, blanking dies, etc., which are all types of punching tools. Bending dies include cam bending dies, crimping dies, etc. In short, there are many classifications of mold manufacturing, and everyone needs to understand them carefully and master more related skills. You can log in to our brand official website to learn more about automobile mold manufacturing.

Now automobile mold manufacturing is also developing towards the three-dimensional design of molds, which is more and more advancing with the times. Why is the 3D design of molds widely used now? First of all, this is a higher-tech design and manufacturing method, which greatly improves the efficiency and reliability of mold design and shortens the mold trial time. Utilize CAE technology. The capital expenditure on automobile mold manufacturing has also been reduced, and the development and manufacturing of molds can be completed at a higher level and faster.

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