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Why many more manufacturers use 2K injection molding technology to produce products

Why many more manufacturers use 2K injection molding technology to produce products

September 28 , 2022

What is 2k injection molding?

This innovative manufacturing process can efficiently produce complex molded parts in two different materials or colors. It is called 2k injection molding because materials may have different properties or hardness levels, but are processed into one product in a single injection molding process.

The main reason why the 2-component injection molding process is common and widely accepted is its cost savings. The 2k injection molding process saves time that might be spent on assembly steps. Not only is it economical, but it also produces the best design features and aesthetics.

Equipment for 2k injection molding

Essentially, a machine is programmed to perform two injections in one cycle. The IMD 2K 3K Mould machine requires multiple injection screws with rotating tools, transfer tools, moving core tools, and any other necessary equipment. Typically, tool shifting is used to ensure smooth operation.

Applications for 2k Injection Molding

2k injection molding can effectively handle hard, soft plastic combinations or two-color one-piece plastic products. An example where 2k injection molding can be used is the use of plastic in plastic products and lid seals made of soft plastic. Typically, the 2k molding process is divided into two steps.

Some products manufactured with the 2k injection molding process include toothbrushes, soft and hard handle pieces, control buttons, non-slip applications, bicycle handlebar grips. The manufacturing process used in 2k injection molding involves making two pricing cavities. During production, plastic is injected into one cavity of a mold. The mold is rotated, and once the previous mold has hardened, the plastic is injected into the other cavity.

Benefits of 2k Injection Molding

Support detailed functions

During the injection molding process, the plastic is subjected to intense high pressure and therefore presses harder against the mold. The result of this is a great deal of detail that can be included in the design. Additionally, complex shapes can be fabricated at lower speeds due to the high pressures characteristic of the injection molding process.

What's more, since plastic can be injected into the mold using one or more shots, 2k injection moulding allows for a more defined segmentation between the two materials. For example, the hardness or softness of the material or the use of different colors.


2k injection molding is all about flexibility. This allows production with different colors or the latest technology. It also gives you the freedom to choose different designs compared to metal production.

high efficiency

Unlike other molding processes, 2k injection molding is fast once the injection mold is designed to the customer's specifications and presets. It allows more parts to be produced from a single mold. This high productivity makes it more cost-effective.

Since 2k technology assembles steps into one injection molding process, production costs can be significantly reduced.

increase strength

Plastic injection molding makes it possible to use fillers in injection molds. These fillers can help reduce the density of the plastic during molding. It also ensures extra strength for molded parts. This process is one of the best and provides enhanced strength and durability that most molding processes cannot.


Products using 2k injection molding are more attractive because two colors can be used in one production. This can be achieved by co-injection, eliminating the concern of using a specific type of plastic.

Manufacturing cost savings

This automated process is performed by machines and robots. The only operator role is control and management. Automation reduces manufacturing and administrative costs. It also reduces waste associated with assembly defects.

Due to the reduced labor in this injection molding process, the overall manufacturing cost is significantly reduced. Another advantage of the automated process is the precise injection mold. Use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and ensure the accuracy of manufacturing molds.


Functionality and durability are important aspects of any product. The combination of hard and soft plastic makes the product more user-friendly, as the soft plastic cover or soft edge increases the comfort of the user. Products can also be tailored to meet buyer needs.


With 2k injection molding, you can use lightweight and high-density materials that are perfect substitutes for metal. Using plastic parts can reduce the weight attached to metal parts. These parts can be used in a variety of businesses without compromising strength and stability.

Environmental friendly

With little waste, the 2k injection molding process is environmentally friendly. Manufacturers adopt sustainable practices such as plastic recycling to minimize waste.

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